17oz Blue Line Natural Indigo (aka The Ropey Bastard)

In contrast to the 18.5 is the 17oz Natural Indigo. This one is also a left hand twill but this time the tension was eased all the way down for a low tension uneven organic handmade feel. Irregular    textures and surface unevenness make for great quick fades when paired with a stiffer cotton woven denim. To really play on that this was woven 6 warp, 4 weft with a robust cotton which was natural indigo dipped multiple times to achieve a deep indigo dye but due to the amount of weft grin through because of the low tension, has an almost cobalt look to it. This is also loomstate (unsanforized) and un skewed and because it has that crispy hairy feel to it will fade easily where there is surface abrasion and secondary deeper inky fades when the creases breakdown before the rest of the areas. Finished off with a striking blue selvedge ID. This will not disappoint with its breaking in appeal and fade glory. The uneven weave will give you fantastic character and just might become your favourite pair in the lineup.