All Jeans I make are 100% custom made and 100%  hand made by myself. I do not start making any jeans until your order is placed. Depending on the custom details you request 15-20 hours of work typically go into making and completing each pair. While I can accommodate many different requests and customize unique details just for you, the standard list of ingredients included in each pair of hive's are listed below along with some images of previous work. For more images you can also check out my Instagram feed @hive.foundry.denim for more ideas.

The fabrics I use are usually all (but not limited) to Japanese selvedge, some of which are custom milled exclusively for me and so can only ever be ordered from hive foundry. Wherever possible I will try to use local, organically sourced fabrics and natural indigo dyed, (for the reason being, organically sourced fabrics tend to have a higher quality production or natural dyeing process associated with them) For more info on the denims available please check my fabrics section.

  • 100% true hand felled construction through out (no felling machines, no serging, no overlocks)

  • 100% single needle construction

  • Chain stitched button holes

  • High stitch count

  • 2 to 3 different colour threads used on each pair

  • One piece selvedge fly

  • Hand folded selvedge belt loops

  • Belt loops tucked into waistband

  • Selvedge 5th pocket (coin pocket)

  • 100% copper buttons and rivets

  • All hardware backed with hand stamped leather washers

  • Selvedge waistband

  • Hand stamped, hand dyed leather patch

  • One piece pocket bags

  • Chambray lined back pockets

  • Chambray lined 5th pocket

  • All stitching hand finished and tied inside and out

  • hand chalked and cut

  • Custom details available