Since my early days…

as an apprentice graphic designer in the surf and skate clothing industry I have been making and designing clothes. 
What I loved about those times was the freedom of expression, creativity & the small sub culture which bred individuality. Plus we had to try and make our stuff bomb proof.
Fast forward to now and there are a lot of "jeans companies" out there putting their name on a leather patch and selling "custom" this, "hand made" that...what blows my mind is how many of these labels just farm out their production and don't actually make anything themselves at all, no originality, no creativity or pride in what they do

I started hive foundry because I wanted to make things in a real way.
100% craftmanship, designed, crafted, chalked, cut, sewn, stamped, sometimes dyed and always hand made by me.
The results are durability, dependability, the freedom to customize details and designs, experiment and make bespoke one off pairs of jeans.

Thanks for reading,


P.K ~ Denim Artist & Proprietor